Thursday, August 19, 2010

Westin McCoy's been way too long since my last post and holy cow a lot has happened.

Westin McCoy was born on July 4th, 2010 at 6:02 pm. He was 8 lbs. 1 oz and 22 inches long (with a cone head). He is the absolute best baby we could ever ask for. Westin has been a very chill and happy baby and brings so much joy to our family.

Here are some of the things about Westin that made his mom and dad so proud in his first month...

*At a week and 1 day he rolled on his side

*At one week his cord fell off so he took a real bath (didn't really love it...yet). His second real bath he started loving it.
* Shortly after his cord fell off, we took him in the pool and he loves it! (as long as the water isn't too cold)

*At his 2 week dr.s appt he was 21 3/4 inches long (75-90%); 9 lbs (75-90%); and his head was 14 1/2 cm in circumference (50%).

*He absolutely loves to cuddle and be held (especially when he is sleeping)

*He was sleeping 3-4 hours during the night

Here are some pictures that our wonderful f
riend, Polly, took of baby Westin and our family when he was just 2 weeks old.

Also, Matt started Medical school on August 3rd and is just loving it so far. He has started dissecting human cadavers and has been bombarded with loads of information to study, but he is doing great at keeping up and still finding time to spend with Westin and me.

Don't worry! I still have much more to post as soon as I can transfer all of my pictures onto this computer (Matt and I had to switch computers).